Read WhatsApp Deleted Message: Know How?

Read WhatsApp Deleted Message

Have you also send a message accidentally to some different person and immediately used the WhatsApp Delete message feature, in the past? It might have been a lifesaver for you. Right.

But, sometimes your friends too might have used this feature for the purpose of fun and you might have been curious to retrieve and view that message. Right.

Along, same time, you might have wondered with the question that how you might restore the deleted WhatsApp message?

Then, here’s the answer that you might be finding for.

How to retrieve WhatsApp Deleted Message?

One method is to retrieve those messages is by checking out the “Notification Log”, but that might also not be an available option for all the Android device users, and the worst is that only the message notification can be retrieved, that too if you haven’t restarted your device.

Therefore, this second method might be a much suitable option for you, i.e, using a third-party app, named WhatsRemoved+.

WhatsRemoved+ is a third-party application that lets you detect the deleted material and recover it, from applications like WhatsApp, Telegram, etc and notify you, so you could check it later.

whatsremoved plus

So, to read the WhatsApp deleted messages and media content (like images, videos), just follow these simple steps.

  • Firstly, open your Google Play Store.
  • Search and Download the WhatsRemoved+ app.
  • Once installed, grant all the required permissions.
  • Next, select WhatsApp for notifications to detect any changes and grant the permission to save files.
  • Once granted all the permissions, your app is now set for you to display all deleted WhatsApp messages and media files.

However, do note that presently this app only available for Android users. Along, must realize security concerns before granting permissions in the app.

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