10 Hidden Features of an iPhone You Must Know

Using an iPhone, since a long time? But still, I guess that there are features in your iPhone which you might have never used it or underused them, but either way, it would have increased your productivity and save time & memory of your device as well. However, please note that all these features in your iPhone have existed for a while now and some of them are the simplest.

10 Hidden Features of an iPhone

Starting with the first, when you are doing some calculations in the native calculator app, and you type in a wrong digit, there is no delete or backspace button, so you might have ended up clearing the complete number and start putting in digits again. Instead of clearing the number, all you have to do is swipe your finger, right or left on the part where the digits are, and it deletes one digit at a time.

Since we are talking about the calculator app, here is another tip. Turn off the orientation lock on your iPhone, and while using the calculator app rotate your phone to landscape mode, now your basic calculator app turns into a full-fledged advanced calculator. Try it out.

On Browser, if you are who have a lot of tabs open while surfing in the safari browser, and it takes some time to close all the tabs one by one. Then, there is an easy way to close all tabs at once. Just tap and hold the tab button for 2 seconds, and you get an option to close all the open tabs. If you want to get back to one of the tabs that you recently closed, you can do that easily as well. Just tap the tab button, and hold down on the plus mark at the bottom of the screen for 2 seconds, it will show you the list of the tabs you closed recently, and you can easily get back to the one you want.

With Photos, while you been viewing photos on your iPhone, you can very easily double-tap or pinch to zoom on any particular part of the image. Now you can do this with videos as well. If you want to zoom onto a particular part of a video, just double-tap on that part, or pinch to zoom on a particular portion of the video.

While you happen to take a panorama shot, by default you will have to move the phone from left to right to take the shot, but if you want to do it the other way around, just tap on the arrow and it will change the direction. Now you can move your phone from right to left for taking that panorama shot.

With the Photos app, you might have already known about the editor in the Photos app, it helps you edit and make your photos even better. But not a lot of you might know about the markup extension available in the editor. When you are editing any photo, just click on this circle with 3 dots, and then select Markup. With this option, you can draw over your photos, magnify a certain part of the image, or even overlay text on the images. Now you don’t need to download a 3rd party app, just to draw doodles on your photos.

While you are searching for a particular setting, in the settings app, and you don’t exactly remember under which sub-menu that setting is hiding, it can become pretty annoying. To fix that, the settings menu now comes with a search bar. Just swipe down in the settings app to reveal it, and type in the setting you are looking for, tapping on the result will directly take you to that particular setting.

You might have noticed, to go back from any page, some peoples just swipe to right from the left edge of the screen, instead of tapping the back button which is all the way at the top left of the screen.

This is one of the ways to navigate on the larger iPhones using just one hand if you are typing on your iPhone and realize that you made a mistake, you have to tap on the wrong word or the alphabet that you want to change, for that you will have to touch on any word for 2 seconds so the magnifier shows up, and then move the cursor around.

If you are using an iPhone 6S or higher, you can just force touch on the keyboard, and the whole thing now turns into a trackpad, this way you can move the cursor around with ease and precision. You can apply further pressure on the keyboard to select a particular word or a sentence. This is one of the features that I use all the time while typing.

Again while typing, if you want to delete something that you just wrote or if you deleted a word or a sentence by mistake, don’t worry, just shake your phone a bit, and it gives you the option to Undo or Redo typing.

While scrolling down through a long article or a web page, if you need to go back to the top of the page, scrolling all the way back up can take a few swipes, depending on the webpage you are on. There is an easy and fast way to the top of any page. Just tap once on the status bar, and it will take you straight to the top of any page. This also works in most of the apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

If you made it so far, did you realise that we went through 13 features, not just 10! These have been some of the simplest features that have existed on the iPhones. Let me know in comments which are the features you have already know about.

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