Best 2 Methods To Check Instagram DMs in Windows PC

Have you also been found of the Instagram DMs, which enable two users to communicate directly within the smartphone app? And looking for some convenient method to check Instagram DM in Windows PC.

Then you might have noticed over the time that Instagram by Facebook has always kept improving over time with its every new update and here in this post, MyTricksLoot been sharing the best 2 methods using which you can be able to directly check Instagram DM(Direct Message) using your Windows PC.

Method 1: Using Instagram App in Windows 10

If you got unaware then, you might be amazed to know that Instagram Official app is also listed over the Windows Store and by downloading which, you will be able to use Instagram also over the Windows PC along be able to check the Instagram DM directly from Windows PC and also reply using the same. Well to do so:

1: In the Start Menu search for Microsoft Store.

Using Instagram App in Windows 10

2: Once launched, search for Instagram and install it over your Windows 10 PC.

Instagram Windows 10

3: On done installing, Launch the Instagram App and log in with the Instagram credential.

Login Instagram in windows

4: That’s it you are all ready to use Instagram over your PC and also view or reply to DMs using the same.

Method 2: Using Instagram App in Android Emulator on PC

Well, the above-listed method comes suitable for Windows 10. But if you been using Mac OS or any older version of Windows, then this method comes to be quite handy for you using the Android Emulator called Bluestacks.

  • Download Bluestacks using the Official Website.
  • Once done, Launch the Bluestacks App
  • Open Google Play app inside Bluestacks and log in.
  • Next, Download and install the Instagram App
  • Run the Instagram App after installation and login using the Instagram credentials.
  • That’s done. You are now ready to use Instagram over your PC using an Android Emulator and view or reply to DMs using the same.

However, the best part of this Bluestack Android Emulator is, you can now install and run any android app which you love, just as you do with your Android smartphone.

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