How To Bypass Instagram Reels Video on Instagram

Are you finding a way to bypass the Instagram Reels videos? As there are lots of people, who basically don’t like Tik-Tok apps or such 15 seconds short videos.

But soon after the ban of the most popular short video making Chinese mobile app, Tik Tok in India. There we got to see tons of alternative apps, which offers the same sort of short video making platform. However, at the same moment, the most popular social media app, Instagram also comes integrated with the Instagram Reels.

Bypass Instagram Reels video

Where Instagram, offers a feature called Instagram Reels which provides a short 15 seconds video option on the Instagram app itself, with different filters on popular songs, trends, and challenges, as similar to somewhat Tik-Tok provided in the past.

How To Bypass Instagram Reels Videos?

Before we get over, please note that there isn’t any method to just completely bypass these Reels video on the app itself, as it comes integrated on the Instagram app itself. However, there is still a small method that would help you bypass Instagram Reels videos from your Instagram explore section. To do so just follow the steps below.

  • Launch any browser and visit
  • Log in to your account using the credentials.
  • Once, logged in, you would now notice that you aren’t seeing any Instagram Reels videos over your Explore page and neither the Reel tab on the profile page. However, you would notice these Reel videos on the feeds.

As of now, this is the only method to bypass Instagram Reels videos, using browser-based Instagram. Till the time, Instagram doesn’t update the web app too.

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